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Horny secretary Kira with hard nipples pushes a dildo in the office!

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You may also know it from your own experience. You give a call to a company, but instead the boss takes it directly, you get connected with the sexy secretary. Of course you want to be friendly and talk a bit about the weather and things. Kira is very open minded and the talk ends with a hot flirt. Flirting is maybe the wrong word, Kiry loves cybersex until her nipples are getting hard as pebbles and you may think, Kiras prior job was in a phone sex company…

Scharfe Sekretärin Kira von Swisscum mit harten Nippeln am Telefon  Scharfe Sekretaerin Kira von Swisscum schiebt sich einen Dildo

Today, luckily her boss isn’t in the office and Kira whoops it up. She is as horny as a rabbit in the springtime and twiddles with her sweet tits. Here you can see this and DOWNLOAD THE FREE PHOTO WITH THE HORNY SECRETARY KIRA WHILE TWIDDLING WITH HER SEXY TITS.

But this is only the beginning! Kira is as horny now as she needs something to put between her legs. She grabs her big dildo outside of her handbag to drive it deeply into her pussy. Her genital piercing jingles to her movements and she’s getting wet as a waterfall. It’s good her boss isn’t in the office, if he would, she would suck his penis and push it into all of her holes!

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  1. Monica Says:

    Hi! I am Monica and that bitch looks so horny! OMG! I wish Iwas a boy so I can fuck her up! I wish I can make her cum and bleed. Bye!