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Actually it’s known that especially in countries like Thailand or Brasil you have to take a closer look to the holiday flirt partner from the disco, before going to the hotel room for having a fuck. But move your eyes to our hot and horny blonde Fabricia seen below. You have to watch very intensive, specially in a dark bar or a bright flashing dance club to see if it’s really a girl or not. A checking grip between the legs would bring the truth to be revealed, but you also have to stay respectable to not let run away a real woman.

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Shemale Weeks: Shemale Bruna Fontana shows silicone tits and big dick

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Not only tourists from Thailand are talking very positive about todays attractive shemales. This is enough motivation for Swisscum to also continue our very successful sheemale weeks this year. We are very proud to presentate Bruna Fontana, a horny shemale with a nice face, amazing silicone tits and a big dick. Of course, Bruna loves to take a big dick doggy style from behind to get a wild fuck into her ass. But she also loves to get a hot blowjob, until she comes and cum squirts out of her thick penis.

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This week we offer a very special titbit from the world of erotic: Holiday time, exotic time, not only the tourists travelling to hot and sunny Brasil these days have this in mind. They love to fuck themselves through two whole, horny weeks. It’s important to not forget some important utilities at home like tissues, condoms, lashes, rosette-stretchers and a thick credit card.

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