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Even of Corona, teen Sara poses naked on a swimming pool outdoors

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Health and safety are of course also the top priority at Swisscum; our beautiful models will wear masks until further notice, at least here in the public area of the website, where the virus could otherwise spread unchecked.

Our Sara is home alone because her boyfriend was quarantined after performing with his church choir. Instead of banging around wildly with him and his horny friends, she now has time to pose nicely by the pool and show us her young body.

Teenie Sara von Swisscum draussen am Pool Teenie Sara von Swisscum draussen am Pool zeigt Fotze

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Teen girls travel to Cape Verde to fuck big cocks

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In this country, the tails are rather small. But of course the girls want big cocks, which fill their pussy really. Where they get that, of course, they have long since figured out; on the island of Sal, which belongs to Cape Verde (Cabo Verde) in Africa.

Hardly arrived in Santa Maria, both the pretty and the not so pretty girls are swarmed by the brown men and they soon stuck each other’s tongues into their throats to smooch around. If it fits, then the panties of the girls get quite wet fast and the little pussies begin to drip. So they hurry to the hotel or the dark-skinned host’s place to feel his thick, long dick between her lips and get on top of him to fuck like there’s no tomorrow.

Casey and John from Swisscum tits  Casey and John from Swisscum fucking around

Our little Casey from the photos above could not escape the spell of the big cocks and now feels all the virility between her thighs. She doesn’t mind that the guy sticks to her butt for a few days so she can feed him in restaurants, finance the going out and perhaps give him some more cash money.

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Arjay has thick eggs and fucks asian girl Queene hardly

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Actually, the Easter isn’t here already, nevertheless, Arjay has very thick eggs. What is it about? Well, because of the Swiss law, Arjay would have to go away from Switzerland, after he burgled into four small houses of allotment gardens and stole valuables like chandeliers, sterling cutlery and out of a full, golden block milled quadcopter. Last but not least, he raided bus number 31 and captured more than CHF 40’000.-

Thanks to the controversial protective clause, because he’s a single father of his five daughters who are well integrateed into the daily life in Switzerland, he can stay and now fucks with one of his good female friends in a faraway hotel room.

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Queene from Swisscum sucks Arjays penis  Queene from Swisscum rides on penis of Arjay

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Horny sister takes out her tits with pierced nipples on the bleachers

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If the weather gets hot outdoors, the horny sister likes to take out her firm boobies and shows her with rings pierced nipples. One could ask himself, what the fuck is her boss in the office thinking about her, when he can see her stiff nipples to be showing through her tight top while having a meeting. He wouldn’t be very professional if he would think about kneading her tits and put his hairy, little dick into her young cunt.

Sadly, this good man doesn’t know, the horny sister already tries for a long time to get a hard fuck from him and even slutty clothes like ultra-hot pants and tight tops don’t help.

Hot sister from Swisscum on the bleachers shows pierced nipples  Horny sister from Swisscum fingers her pink cunt from behind

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Horny teen girl Sabrina munches a cock on the couch

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Our teen girl Sabrina is again horny as a young soldier after a week in military training school, where he didn’t see even one woman at all. She sucks and almost munches the big cock of her fuck friend Hannes, who lives in her neighbourhood.

Sabrina sucks on his bellend like a 2500W vacuum cleaner and circles around it using the tip of her agile tongue. It doesn’t take a long time and Hannes already squirts all his sticky cum into her deep mouth. But, of course, Sabrina wants to come as well, thus she begins to poke in her wet cunt using her little fingers, because Hannes cock is already flagged.

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Naughty teen girl Stacey unpacks her young tits on a hiking trip

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Our sweet but also naughty teen girl Stacey was once more on a hot hiking trip. Naturally she also was on this time to unveil her big tits with the pierced nipples and was proud to show any detail of her young body.

It’s good Stacey is not a doe, because she would be revolved by rutting deers in no time which would like to serve her. Also we from Swisscum became the passion to serve our sweet Stacey, to lick her tasty nipples with the piercings and to push our dicks into her tight cunt to fuck the brain out of her head.

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Hot teen girl Stacey from Swisscum shows her blank tits with pierced nipples outdoors in a wood  Hot teen girl Stacey from Swisscum pushes fingers into her cunt outdoors in a wood

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Hot teen girl Stacey shows her pierced nipples on nude hiking trip

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In comparison to our mountains in Switzerland, one can’t really say, Stacey climbed a mountain top, rather you should name it a hump. But we want to be kind now to Stacey and like the “Cabaret Rotstift” already said: “Was wott dänn die ufs Brämebüehl wenn sie d’Spitzberge vorem Huus hät”. Sorry, there isn’t a good English translation for it, because it’s pure Swiss comedy. 😉

The tits of our hot teen girl Stacey have a rotund shape and both nipples are pierced with small metal rings. Moreover she has tattoos on her sexy belly and on one of her upper legs. Of course we don’t like these tattoos too much, but who cares as long as we can watch her naked tits, the ass and her willing cunt.

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Hot girl Stacey of Swisscum naked on top of the mountain while nude hiking tour  Swisscum; Naked tits of Stacey outdoors on top of the mountain

Sometimes one is tired to look closely to other nude hikers on the mountains. But it’s worth to look closely if you cross the way of our brunette Stacey, because anything on her body sits where it should be, toned and luscious.


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Hot girl Aleasha on a park bench pushes herself a vibrator into her pussy

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Once again Swisscum has something particular randy for you. Namely you can see our young and pretty Aleasha who straightens herself up naked on a park bench and sexually satisfies herself using a silver vibrator afterwards. Not bad, isn’t it?

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But now lets have look to teen Aleashas beautiful tits and her asscheeks…

Naked teen girl Aleasha of Swisscum with horny expression and a vibrator in her hand  Horny teen girl Aleasha of Swisscum pushes a vibrator into her willing cunt

It’s amazing and pruriently enough to insert a vibrator while sitting on a park bench, but in fantasy, of course there’s a lot more doable. So one can imagine, how to mount this hot teen girl, massage her nice tits and fuck her hard while doing that.

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Sweet teen girl unveils her little tits beside a river on a walking tour

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Already last year a new hype for taking walking tours started on young people. With the spring to come to Switzerland, also our sweet teen girl Kitty takes the first walking tour of this year under her feet.

Of course, also the emotions go crazy these days and anybody goes jaunty. This is also true for Kitty, while the walking tour she got wheedled by her friend to take some topless photos of her body. Have a look to the photos below; what a nice sight, isn’t it? In the background the yet bald trees and in the foreground the sweet teen girl Kitty, who shows her tiny titties. Such a spring makes fun!

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Sweet girl Kitty from Swisscum poses beside a river on a walking tour  Sweet girl Kitty from Swisscum shows her tiny tits on a walking tour

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Sweet teen girl Heidi presentates her black/white striped stockings

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Our sweet teen girl Heidi doesn’t only presentates her black/white striped stockings and bra of course, sometimes she feels as an erotic model and also shows her little tits. While posing, she imagines all the time, how horny men wank while watching her erotic content, according to the motto Baldness-Cap-Baldness-Cap-Baldness-Cap.

Heidi gets horny as well on the hot photo shooting and begins to massage her bald, shaved cunt and even pushes a vibrator into her hole.

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Teen girl Heidi of Swisscum with small tits kneels in front of you  Teen girl Heidi of Swisscum with handcuffs pushes a vibrator into her wet cunt

Maybe you ask yourself, why the hell Heidi wears handcuffs? Well, we don’t know either. Anyway, it’s a good sign she doesn’t wear these Sissi-like handcuffs with a pelt, but these without, where she feels the pure and hard metal directly on her skin.

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