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Sexy report from the erotic exhibition Extasia 2007 in Zurich Switzerland

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The Swisscum team is proud to present a short, free report with hot photos from the erotic exhibition Extasia 2007 in Zurich Switzerland exclusively for our blog readers. It was the first time, the Extasia has been carried out in the Hallenstadion in Zurich Oerlikon. The room between the exhibitors was very small and there were a lot of people walking around. But maybe this was the key to get a hot feeling and to feel each other. There were some very interesting things to see and to buy like sex toys, DVD’s, sex calendars and many more!

Hot girls from the Extasia 2007 in Zurich on motorbikes  Two sexy blondes on the Extasia 2007 erotic exhibition in Zurich

As every year, also this time the half and fully naked female and male models stood in the middle of the attention. Of course it was allowed for everyone to take photos and videos, which is a big plus for the Extasia.

Many sexy candles looking like penisses and vaginas on the Extasia 2007 in Zurich  Four topless teen girls on the erotic exhibition Extasia 2007 in Zurich Switzerland

On the stage in the Hallenstadion, some very hot erotic shows were offered. But the crowd around the stage was huge and there was only a small change to see anything. The good thing was, that many screens showed the erotic events in real time.  

Hot bondage gear show with nude models on the Extasia 2007 erotic exhibition in Zurich  Nice blonde tabledance girl on the bar from the Extasia exhibition in Zurich

Many people liked the table dance shows the most and tooked enormous amounts of hot photos. Also we did it for our great Swisscum blog readers. Most models were a bit shy and only showed their titts and pussies for a very short time.

Outdoors, in front of the Hallenstadion, some tents were installed. Unfortunately we saw them when we already leaved the exhibition and some told us, that we missed some very hot shows inside these tents. Well, of course we’ll go again next year and also have a look into these hot tents with the sex shows.

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