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Teen girls travel to Cape Verde to fuck big cocks

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In this country, the tails are rather small. But of course the girls want big cocks, which fill their pussy really. Where they get that, of course, they have long since figured out; on the island of Sal, which belongs to Cape Verde (Cabo Verde) in Africa.

Hardly arrived in Santa Maria, both the pretty and the not so pretty girls are swarmed by the brown men and they soon stuck each other’s tongues into their throats to smooch around. If it fits, then the panties of the girls get quite wet fast and the little pussies begin to drip. So they hurry to the hotel or the dark-skinned host’s place to feel his thick, long dick between her lips and get on top of him to fuck like there’s no tomorrow.

Casey and John from Swisscum tits  Casey and John from Swisscum fucking around

Our little Casey from the photos above could not escape the spell of the big cocks and now feels all the virility between her thighs. She doesn’t mind that the guy sticks to her butt for a few days so she can feed him in restaurants, finance the going out and perhaps give him some more cash money.

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Swisscum report from the erotic exhibition Extasia 2017

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Once more, one was able to see much naked skin on the Extasia Basel 2017, the biggest erotic exhibition held in Switzerland, inmiddle of Europe. Other than in previous years, this time many interactions of the visitors with the erotic and porn stars was seen.

Even on the main stage such interaction between visitors and the porn stars took place. On a photo below you can see a happy visitor fingering the pussy of cute, blonde porn star Lena Nitro and they kissed also.

From time to time, on the booths was even more erotic action to see. We saw an exhibition visitor who pushed a big dildo into a willing cunt of a table dance girl to fuck her with this sex toy.
Main Stage - Hotmen Strip Show - Swisscum Extasia 2017 Main Stage - Secret56 Bondage Show - Swisscum Extasia 2017
Main Stage – Hotmen Strip Show Main Stage – Secret56 Bondage Show
Booth - FKK Basel - Swisscum Extasia 2017 Booth - FKK Basel - Swisscum Extasia 2017
Booth – FKK Basel – Lesboshow Booth – FKK Basel – Tabledance
Main Stage - Aviva Rocks - Swisscum Extasia 2017 Booth - Sex Toys - Swisscum Extasia 2017
Main Stage – Aviva Rocks Booth – Sex Toys
Main Stage - Lena Nitro nackt - Swisscum Extasia 2017 Main Stage - Lena Nitro Lesbian Show mit Visitor - Swisscum Extasia 2017
Main Stage – Lena Nitro Main Stage – Lena Nitro

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Swisscum report from the erotic exhibition Extasia 2016

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Once more, Swisscum didn’t take any fright about expenses and effort for its guests and members to report from the Swiss erotic exhibition Extasia 2016 held at Basel, Switzerland. Other than in the last years, the exhibition with tits, pussies and dicks was moved from the Joggeli to the Messehalle 3, also located in Basel.

What was to see? Well, sadly there was no wild fucking orgy in Basel. We looked for it at every corner in the exhibition hall. But there were a lot silicone and natural tits, cunts, asses, anal plugs, sex toys and many more. On the main stage, only decent erotic shows like strip shows took place. But in the (payable) side rooms, there was real hardcore action seen live or from a 3D projection system. Also there was a live talk section and as you can see on the photos below, there was a talk with Céline Schiess, known from the Swiss TV show “Bachelor”, also called “Busen-Céline” (“Breast-Céline”). She talked mainly to an interviewer, but she was also available for some questions from the visitors. Sadly, she doesn’t like the porn industry, but who cares…

Hauptbühne - Mya Diamond - Swisscum Extasia 2016 Hauptbühne - Mya Diamond - Swisscum Extasia 2016
Main Stage – Mya Diamond Main Stage – Mya Diamond
Talk Zone - Céline Schiess - Swisscum Extasia 2016 Stand - FKK Basel - Swisscum Extasia 2016
Talk Zone – Céline Schiess Booth – FKK Basel
Table Dance - Geile Teen Girls - Swisscum Extasia 2016 Table Dance - Geile Teen Girls - Swisscum Extasia 2016
Table Dance – Hot teen girls Table Dance – Silicone tits
Table Dance - Sexy Brunette - Swisscum Extasia 2016 Stand - Secret 56 BDSM Show - Swisscum Extasia 2016
Table Dance – Sexy Brunette Booth – Secret 56 – BDSM Show
Hauptbühne - Lena Nitro - Swisscum Extasia 2016 Hauptbühne - Lena Nitro - Swisscum Extasia 2016
Main Stage – Lena Nitro Main Stage – Lena Nitro

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Arjay has thick eggs and fucks asian girl Queene hardly

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Actually, the Easter isn’t here already, nevertheless, Arjay has very thick eggs. What is it about? Well, because of the Swiss law, Arjay would have to go away from Switzerland, after he burgled into four small houses of allotment gardens and stole valuables like chandeliers, sterling cutlery and out of a full, golden block milled quadcopter. Last but not least, he raided bus number 31 and captured more than CHF 40’000.-

Thanks to the controversial protective clause, because he’s a single father of his five daughters who are well integrateed into the daily life in Switzerland, he can stay and now fucks with one of his good female friends in a faraway hotel room.

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Queene from Swisscum sucks Arjays penis  Queene from Swisscum rides on penis of Arjay

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Swisscum report from the erotic exhibition Extasia 2015

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Also in the year 2015 the Erotic Exhibition Extasia tempted people with many advertisements in newspapers and in the internet to Basel, Switzerland. Beside many exhibition stands for shopping there were also erotic shows with world-famous erotic and porn stars every half hour. But this wasn’t all; there were as well areas with live shows for women and live shows for all guests, a porn cinema, tantra workshops and a talking zone. As any time, also this year, taking photos and videos for private use was allowed.

Below, you can find some hot impressions we collected for you. Of course we had to censor some genital stuff here in the public area because of youth protection, however, in our stunning SWISSCUM MEMBERS AREA you can find these and many more photos of cunts, labia and assholes fully uncensored. For immediate access, click a photo from below…

Marcello Bravo - Swisscum Extasia 2015 Stand FKK Basel - Swisscum Extasia 2015
Main stage – Marcello Bravo Booth FKK Basel
Stand FKK Basel - Swisscum Extasia 2015 Stand mit Corsagen - Swisscum Extasia 2015
Booth FKK Basel Booth with corsages
Stand mit Fetish Utensilien - Swisscum Extasia 2015 Stand mit Vibratoren - Swisscum Extasia 2015
Booth with fetish stuff Booth with vibrators
Lena Nitro Gesicht - Swisscum Extasia 2015 Lena Nitro nackt - Swisscum Extasia 2015
Lena Nitro – Face Lena Nitro – Naked
Luna Love Titten - Swisscum Extasia 2015 Lisa Jolie Muschi - Swisscum Extasia 2015
Luna Love – Tits Lisa Jolie – Cunt

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Martina gets bored while Primeval Code Experiment of her boyfriend

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Maybe you ask yourself, what the fucking fuck has Martina to do with this Primeval Code Experiment. Well, her beloved boyfriend Georges is a scientist in his free time and picked up some videos from like-minded people in the internet. After he ordered a high-voltage DC/DC converter, Petri dishes and LED grow lights, he is experimenting in the basement all the time and fully forgot his girlfriend.

The hot photos of Martina from below are from an earlier time, where Georges enjoyed the presence of Martina. She modeled often for him and he never had enough from her big and blousy tits.

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Martina from Swisscum shows her ass before Primeval Code Experiment  Martina from Swisscum shows her big round boobs before Primeval Code Experiment

When the day is long, sometimes Georges gets some strange ideas. Actually he wants to put his cum, or better said his sperm, into the static electric field for some minutes and then insert it into the cunt of Martina using a dildo.

Of course Martina isn’t very pleased about this. First, she doesn’t want to get pregnant at this time and secondly, she doesn’t want to act as a guinea pig.


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Horny sister takes out her tits with pierced nipples on the bleachers

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If the weather gets hot outdoors, the horny sister likes to take out her firm boobies and shows her with rings pierced nipples. One could ask himself, what the fuck is her boss in the office thinking about her, when he can see her stiff nipples to be showing through her tight top while having a meeting. He wouldn’t be very professional if he would think about kneading her tits and put his hairy, little dick into her young cunt.

Sadly, this good man doesn’t know, the horny sister already tries for a long time to get a hard fuck from him and even slutty clothes like ultra-hot pants and tight tops don’t help.

Hot sister from Swisscum on the bleachers shows pierced nipples  Horny sister from Swisscum fingers her pink cunt from behind

Instead to fuck, the horny sister shows us now her pink cunt outdoors on the bleachers and rubs it slowly. Boss, if you can read these lines, take her the next time and fuck the brain out of her!

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Horny teen girl Sabrina munches a cock on the couch

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Our teen girl Sabrina is again horny as a young soldier after a week in military training school, where he didn’t see even one woman at all. She sucks and almost munches the big cock of her fuck friend Hannes, who lives in her neighbourhood.

Sabrina sucks on his bellend like a 2500W vacuum cleaner and circles around it using the tip of her agile tongue. It doesn’t take a long time and Hannes already squirts all his sticky cum into her deep mouth. But, of course, Sabrina wants to come as well, thus she begins to poke in her wet cunt using her little fingers, because Hannes cock is already flagged.

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Sex teeny Sabrina from Swisscum munches cum  Sex teeny Sabrina from Swisscum pokes in her cunt using her agile fingers

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Horny girl Tessa flashes tits on a hiking tour in a forest

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Well, of course our girl Tessa isn’t really on a hiking tour. You can see it if you have a look to her Flip Flops. But who cares, we think, primary her tits, ass and cunt are of general interest.

Today, Tessa is horny as hell and wants to take out her little boobies and hold them in front of her friends eyes to make hin horny as well. She needs a deep fuck into her wet cunt, because she loves to take hard strokes against her glutes while she stands in front of a tree. The dick has to get pressed between her wet labia and deep inside her hole.

Blonde girl Tessa from Swisscum shows her deep neckline in a wood  Blonde girl Tessa from Swisscum shows in a wood her little boobies

Prurient look, isn’t it? But it’s possible that anytime somebody comes around the corner and catches our horny Tessa while flashing her titties. Of course her mind is on another planet while flashing, she only thinks about fucking and still is horny as hell.

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Swisscum with camera at Extasia 2013 in Basel, Switzerland

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Swisscum attended the erotic exhibition Extasia 2013 in Basel, Switzerland for you. In the luggage, a camera for taking photos of hot girls and ladies, erotic scenes, filthy sex toys like asshole widener and, of course, the hot shows on the main stage.

Especially we liked the many big tits we saw, asses and cunts which invited to lionize and to fantasising while looking to the main stage or a market stall in the middle of the hall.

But have a look by yourself while enjoying the small collection of hot photos you can see below or the free bonus material for our valued members in our amazing and unique SWISSCUM MEMBERS AREA.

Extasia 2013 - Big Hall  Extasia 2013 - Whips

Extasia 2013 - Vampir Lady  Extasia 2013 - Vampir lady with big tits

Extasia 2013 - Teen porn star with big silicone tits  Extasia 2013 - Teen porn star shows cunt

Extasia 2013 - Teen girl with finger in asshole  Extasia 2013 - Teen porn star with hand on ass cheek

Extasia 2013 - Interracial lesbian show with black and white girl  Extasia 2013 - Hot High Heels


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